I am Yuri Egorov, web developer currently living in Moscow, Russia.


I think of myself as a generalist. I try to use simple solutions when possible to have control over project. I prefer to be focused on something. It can be a project, a library or anything else. This way I can be sure I'll be effective in my work.

In my day-to-day work I am using python for backend tasks and javascript for frontend tasks and can write HTML/CSS/SASS/LESS when it's neัessary.

My basic toolchain consists of Django / Tornado / Flask web frameworks for backend tasks. I have experience working with jython for some specific tasks.

For frontend tasks I'm exploring functional programming and find it very interesting. Currently I am working on @yagni-js - several open-sourced (unlicensed) javascript libraries, made with functional and stateless mantras in mind.

Working for Chtd I've created frontend js bundler using nodejs.

I've worked with MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB and in case I would have to pick one PostgreSQL will be my choice. Redis is my choice of fast in-memory storage.

I write code in vim and prefer to use git when possible.

I run Linux on my desktop since 2003. Since 2012 I am running ArchLinux due to its awesome philosophy. Before Arch I was using Red Hat and Gentoo and besides I have experience working with Ubuntu and RedHat/CentOS. I can deploy and manage Linux server and can configure network services when needed (dns, web, email and others). I have experience working (which means deployment and everyday usage) with jenkins, sentry and worked with AWS, Digital Ocean and Linode. From time to time I'm using ansible and vagrant.


My native language is Russian. I've studied English more then ten years ago and from time to time used it (not too often really). I'll do my best while blogging in English.


Currently I am employed but I am still open for job offers. I'm looking for an interesting job to get my mind and my hands busy all day long.

You can contact me by sending email to ysegorov at gmail.com.

My CV is available here.

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