I've decided to switch from wt (which is archived now) to zola to manage this blog.

wt worked quite well for me but it requires time to manage it and to develop it further (and I was not happy with yaml).

There are a lot of alternatives in this area and by occasion I've met zola. Luckily, it has most of the features I was using with wt (actually, it was the reason to switch to zola and to archive wt).

It took some time to understand the way zola works - mostly to convert templates from jinja to tera and to update front-matter from yaml to toml format within markdown files.

I was hit by just one issue while converting this blog from wt to zola.

It was not clear to me that there is no need to apply markdown filter to content in templates as it was applied implicitly. Applying it for a second time breaks syntax highlighting formatting which led me to a thought that I can't use zola.

Happily, I've looked through the zola's issues and found this one. There is no need to apply markdown filter to content in templates. Yay. Perfect.

Let's see how it will work for me.

Stay tuned and take care of you and your family.

Last modified: 2020-05-01 15:27:00 +00:00 UTC