Static Blog Generator

Update. This library has been moved to archive, no plans to develop it further.

This is a short introduction to wt - library I've made for my personal use.

It is pretty young and it lacks some features I'd like it to have but it works pretty good for me.

So, this is yet another static site/blog generator. Yes. One more.

Some time ago I thought it would be great to build something for my own use. I have several ideas and this is the first one named wt. I know that wt is a name for executable from WiredTiger distribution but I think it's ok. This library is not expected to be installed system-wide, it should be used within virtual environment. And luckily the name was free on pypi.

The library requires python 3 and have the following features (citing from readme):

  • markdown for content
  • yaml for configuration
  • jinja2 for templating
  • atom for feed
  • aiohttp for development server
  • only two types of content - page and post
  • content metadata lives in configuration file
  • have sensible defaults for content sources
  • no python coding needed to work with

At the moment I've used it in a couple of projects.

The first one is this blog (blog source code) and another one is the site (in Russian) I've created for my elder brother who makes pottery and they are amazing (site source code).

These two sites are pretty different in nature but wt works very well for both.

I'll keep this library moving forward adding more features and refactoring some internals for a better code.

The next project I have plans for is rss reader and there is a big chance I'll build it using Elixir/Phoenix (not happened).

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