WT documentation

Update. wt library has been moved to archive, no plans to develop it further.

This is just a few words about wt documentation.

It's available online and covers almost all wt features.

And it was built using wt. Documentation sources are available in the wt repository under docs/ folder.

There was minor issue with deployment though.

The documentation is hosted using GitHub pages for projects and it's served under baseurl (/wt-docs/ in my case). I was not aware of this requirement while developing wt so internally it's not supported. This means there is a difference between local links in development mode and in build mode which can lead to broken local links in build mode.

I've solved the problem but I'm not sure I like the solution. There must be a better way to handle baseurl (this issue was solved in wt later).

Last modified: 2017-04-11 05:30:00 +00:00 UTC