Pipeline as a code with Jenkins

Jenkins has a pretty nice Pipeline plugin to manage build, test and deploy steps in a single file named Jenkinsfile. This file should be stored alongside with the project code just like python, javascript, html or whatever files.

The only problem with Jenkinsfile is that it must be written in Groovy. To me this is the same problem as with Vagrantfile which must be written in Ruby. There is something strange forcing users to study language in order to have proper configuration file.

It took some time to prepare workable Jenkinsfile which works for Multibranch Workflows so I decided to create a gist with it.

Here it is:

It works pretty good for me providing slack notifications to production or staging channels and having links to Bitbucket diff page to see changes commited between builds.

This Jenkinsfile is suitable for python or nodejs projects and requires just minimal tuning - to provide proper repository name and url and build, test and deploy commands for the project. Deployment happens only for develop (staging server) and master (production server) branches.

Hope somebody will find this gist usefull.

Last modified: 2016-12-27 10:45:00 +00:00 UTC