Jukoro 0.1.2 release

Update. This library has been moved to archive, no plans to develop it further.

It happened - first public release of Jukoro (not on PyPi but still).

It is an experiment and I'll do my best working on it.

Features highlight (PostgreSQL-focused)

  • unified tables structure in PostgreSQL storing data in a single per table jsonb field
  • out-of-the-box way to keep historical data in tables
  • out-of-the-box support for psycopg2 named cursors
  • single per-database sequence generator for objects identifiers
  • out-of-the-box support for created/updated/deleted timestamps
  • indices and constraints support for data stored in jsonb field
  • connection to PostgreSQL always operate with timestamps in UTC
  • PostgreSQL schema support
  • way to introspect current database state
  • way to prepare sql queries to synchronize database state and entities (models) declarations (queries to create missed tables/indices/constraints and to drop orphaned tables/indices/constraints)
  • separation of concerns to work with PostgreSQL (explicit ways to work with pool/connection/transaction/results, to describe entities (models in terms of Django's ORM), to introspect database, to create customized sql queries)

Packages and modules

  • jukoro.pg - package to work with PostgreSQL built on top of psycopg2
  • jukoro.redis - package to work with Redis having several useful helpers
  • jukoro.arrow - package built on top of arrow library
  • jukoro.decorators - module containing some useful decorators
  • jukoro.json - abstraction built on top of Python's stdlib json
  • jukoro.pickle - abstraction built on top of Python's stdlib cPickle
  • jukoro.base32 - abstraction built on top of base32_crockford library
  • jukoro.email - email helpers
  • jukoro.structures - some useful structures
  • jukoro.utils - utilities

I am going to use it in project I'm currently working on (it was never used).

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