Excellent article

Really excellent article (original in Russian).

Yesterday I've summed up my experience working for Chtd and I have one more thought to share.

It's just one more reason to minimize frameworks usage.

From my experience frameworks are a trap. You can safely use them for some time but in case your project is evolving and you want to follow the evolution of used frameworks you will find yourself spending time refactoring your code to work with that exact framework.

Instead of developing your project's business logic you have to support some framework code evolution.
It sounds strange for me.
I've faced this problem working for Chtd but I had no luck explaining the problem to colleagues.

There is a way to use framework - just freeze it on a specific version but that's another trap.

You will have to support framework at that specific version on your own fixing bugs or adding missed functionality or backporting or whatever. Do you really need it?

I think it's better to spend time focusing on your business logic.

To be a good developer you have to find your own way. Build something on your own. Make mistakes. Fix them. Explore and share your knowledge.

Become a creator, not a consumer.

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